When Should You Replace your Old Walk-In Cooler?

No one wants to hear that it is time to replace their walk-in cooler or freezer, especially business owners. These appliances are considered an investment and they are essential to a lot of businesses, but they are not the cheapest equipment to buy. Old and inefficient walk-in coolers will make you spend more money over time because of lost stock, costly repairs and high utility bills. Replacing your run down walk-in cooler will help lower these costs, and you can save more money. Here are five signs that you need a new walk-in cooler:

Higher Utility Bills

If you notice that your bills have increased over time, it could mean that the ability of your unit’s insulation is diminishing and it is allowing heat to seep in or for cold air to escape. Your cooler slowly works to try to fix this insulation problem by using extra energy. If you see a sudden hike in your utility bill from the previous months, you may have a broken thermostat or motor that is the root of the problem and is cause the unit’s cooler to use a lot of energy than needed since it can’t regulate itself properly. 

Ice Or Frost Build Up

If you notice that you are scraping ice out of your cooler regularly or that you are losing items to frostbites, then there may be too much moisture that allows the ice to accumulate. Excess moisture is caused by air leaks between cooler components and panels. 

Regular Leaks

Damaged seals can lead to puddles and water leaks. Standing and stagnant water can cause mildew and mold build-up, as well as ice accumulation. To avoid any health inspection problems and lost inventory because of mold and mildew, it is best to keep track of any leaks. 

Fluctuating Temperatures

If your walk-in cooler is working all the time to regulate its temperature, it may be time that you replace your unit. Temperature can be the symptoms of a lot of cooler problems like insulation failure or a broken thermostat. You can check on posts on how to calibrate your walk-in cooler thermometer properly. 

Food Spoiling Before Its Expiration

If you experience a lot of perishable items spoiling before their expiration on a regular basis, this is a sign of a problem with the operation in your cooler. Throwing away your inventory that should not have spoiled is certainly frustrating, but it may point to a larger storage problem that needs to be fixed and evaluated. 

How long is the lifespan of a walk-in?

There is no exact time limit for when you will need to replace your walk-in cooler. This all depends on the factors including the type of insulation used, the original quality of the refrigerator, if it has suffered any harsh usage and how well the box and refrigeration were maintained. After ten years or when your warranty runs out, it is best to do a cost-benefit analysis for purchasing a new walk-in cooler

If you start to experience any of the signs mentioned, it is best to have your local service provider check your walk-in cooler or freezer for any internal failures or damages. There are a lot of local service providers that can check on the units for you like commercial refrigeration repair in Miami. Professional and licensed technicians can go through your unit and investigate what is wrong, telling you to want needs to be repaired and replaced, and how serious the damage is. 

If your repairs are beginning to add up and are costing you way too much, you may want to consider getting a new unit with a walk-in cooler system. 

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