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Table top easels are not just for artists. Businesses will often use table easels to display graphs, diagrams and other information to board meetings and customers. They make a statement on the table as to the progress of a project or other pertinent information.

Artists often utilize table top easels for their art class. The lengthy art class lends itself to the preference of a table top easel rather than standing in one spot for an hour or two to complete their unique project. This type of easel works well for artists both young and old.

There are table top easels that are made especially for children. Most have an area that is suitable for dry erase as well as a clip to hold the paper or canvas for the future masterpiece. It is a great project for a child who has the desire to create artwork. Constructed of plastic, they are lightweight and portable. Most are easy to set up by the child. Table easels often fit on the child’s play table as well.

Table top easels can be very attractive and blend in with your room décor or they can be a lightweight unfinished fir for utilitarian uses. You can also have the opportunity to finish the table easel in the shade you will be comfortable with. It has an adjustable leg in the back that will give you the perfect angle for work or display. This particular type of easel folds completely flat and will pack and transport without difficulty. As you shop for your easel, be sure that there is a groove on the crossbar if you plan to let it sit there for a while. Some do not and it can be difficult to display something on it without that slot.

Artists like table top easels for their mobility.

The medium you use may determine the need for flexibility. If you are using water colors, you will want one that is adjustable enough to get the proper angle. They are also great for the artist that uses an easel to draw on the spur of the moment. They can be transported easily to a campground for a camping trip. You can put the easel on the picnic table and sketch or paint the scenery around you without having to hold the sketchpad or the canvas.

Another advantage to this type of table easel is the fact that it takes up very little space. You can use them on any tabletop, just don’t take them somewhere that doesn’t have a table. It is very inconvenient to have to sit on the ground to paint. Take your time when choosing your easel. You want convenience, versatility and some style to your easel.

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